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Youth Accounts

M3 Money Club® is the new super headquarters for InRoads kids ages 0 to 10. If that’s you, ask your parents to open your account so you can meet the Megatown crew and learn all about money.

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Student Accounts

Calling all tweens and teens! You can now get your own Student Cash Back Debit account, savings account, and a custom debit card with your own photo on it. Get all the details.

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InRoads Connect

Anytime you login to Online or Mobile Banking, you can use InRoads Connect to manage your money and get paid by your parents.

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Custom Cards

Carry a card that is uniquely yours! Add a favorite photo to your InRoads debit card, including the option to customize your Team Up for Schools card.

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Financial Advice

Here, you’ll find easy-to-follow articles and advice on topics that matter to tweens and teens — and parents too. Here’s to a bright future.

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Youth Accounts (ages 0-10)

The M3 Money Club® is just for you. Click here to meet the Megatown crew, and learn all about this cool club.

As a M3 Money Club member, you’ll get:

  • A custom superhero welcome kit
  • Access to free printable downloads, quizzes, podcasts, comics, and other financial fun
  • Birthday card from the M3 Money Club superheroes
  • InRoads Connect makes it easy to collect your allowance, get paid for chores, request a loan from your parents and more

Calling All Superheroes

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Visit M3 Money Club from InRoads for more fun!

Student Accounts (ages 11-17)

When you open a Savings account, you have the option to open a Student Cash Back Debit account as well. You’ll earn more for your money and get more from your accounts. Plus, you’ll boost your money knowledge, which could make life easier in college and beyond.

You’ll get:

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InRoads Connect

Look for InRoads Connect in the menu the next time you login to Online or Mobile Banking and you’ll have found a new way to get and borrow money from your parents. InRoads Connect links your account to theirs, giving them the option to pay you for chores and grades, or just send you money when you need it. You can even ask for a loan that you pay back a little bit at a time. Plus, you’ll learn how to set financial goals and stick to a budget. You’ll be a financial pro in no time, all thanks to InRoads Connect.

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Your parents can assign you a chore with a financial incentive. Get the chore done, mark it as complete, and your parents will transfer the money to your account.

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InRoads Connect makes it easy for your parents to pay you weekly, every other week, or monthly.

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Make plans for your money with the InRoads Connect budget tool. Set aside how much money you plan to spend, save, and give.

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Request Money

Need a quick $10 for lunch? No problem. Just use the app. Or request something a bit bigger and pay the money back over time.

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Make It Yours

Customize your avatar, adjust your budget, request a loan, and send your parents your grades for a possible payment.

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Earn Trophies

Complete specific tasks and earn trophies to decorate your InRoads Connect app and page.

Get Started Today

Ask your parents to login to Online or Mobile Banking and select InRoads Connect to get started. Once they’ve registered, you’ll have access to all the financial fun. Check out the quick and easy InRoads Connect Guide (pdf), which shares how to register for and use this fun financial tool.

Quick Financial Advice

Here, you’ll find easy-to-follow articles and advice on topics that matter to tweens and teens — and parents too. Here’s to a bright future.

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Get Boost Savings

Put your money to work with something we call Boost Savings. All you have to do is put part of every paycheck (with direct deposit) or a bit of the birthday money into the account and you’ll earn 2.00% APY* on balances of up to $5,000. Connect with us and we’ll set you up with this money-smart account.

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  • *3.00% Cash back bonus applies up to $200 in purchases each month. Qualifications and restrictions apply to Cash Back Bonus and ATM fee refund. Bonus will be posted to qualifying accounts on the last day of the month.