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Buying a home is a great investment. But it can be a little intimidating too. Especially with all of those forms, legal documents, and hoops to jump through. That’s where the InRoads mortgage team can help. Together, you’ll find the right loan for your dream home. Plus, we’ll make sure it’s as convenient and easy as possible with personal in-branch expertise and online options that save you time.

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Ron Kent
NMLS #1509606

There is a certain sense of pride Ron feels every time he finalizes a home loan. For 15 years, he’s enjoyed helping families finance their dreams and work toward their financial futures of home ownership. That includes first-time home buyers and those looking to refinance their home to lower their monthly payments.

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Ashley Locken
NMLS #1372559

Working for InRoads for nearly a decade, Ashley works diligently to ensure every home loan goes as planned. From the initial application to the final signing, she understands the process and takes her time working with each member. Are you ready for your dream home? Let Ashley put her expertise to work for you.

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Aimee Thompson
NMLS #682592

As someone who’s been part of the community and with InRoads for years, Aimee knows how important home ownership is for families. It’s one of the many reasons she puts in the extra effort to build strong relationships and help members navigate the mortgage process. With nearly 20 years of lending experience, she is here for you to answer questions and provide solutions.

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