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Bring Wellness to Your Workplace

Insight and education for your employees

Employee Financial Health Starts at Work

InRoads Credit Union wants to help improve your employees’ financial future. Why? Because when your employees are financially stable at home they’ll bring that stability and assurance to the workplace. With some insight and education from InRoads, they can achieve a new level of financial success that benefits their household budget, overall health and gives them peace of mind. A happy, healthy employee will take less sick days at work, have more focus while on the job and increased productivity.

Our Wellness Program is Another Perk of Doing Business with InRoads

As part of working with InRoads, we’ll bring financial education and insights to your employees and it won’t cost your company anything. In just a short amount of time, you’ll see the difference. Need proof?

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of employees say that they spend 3+ hours per week at work stressing over issues related to personal finances.*

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of employees said they would be attracted to a company that cares more about their financial well-being.*

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of employees say they want help with personal finances.*

Plant Seeds of Financial Wellness

We provide complementary Lunch & Learn workshops for your employees. Let us bring lunch for your team and we’ll teach financial education of a variety of topics including: These fresh and fun events are more than a presentation and a stack of handouts. They’re interactive, fun, and informative. Topics include:

  • Credit Demystified – Get to know your credit report, learn about credit reporting agencies, and what good credit can do for your financial life.
  • Budgeting, Budgeting, Budgeting – Stop living paycheck to paycheck and instead live within your means to build savings, find disposable income, and still get your bills paid. The secret is the ever-evolving budget. Learn how to make yours.
  • Navigating the Homebuying Process – The housing market can be daunting whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or an experienced homeowner. Learn to navigate the way to your first or next home.
  • Tap into Your Home’s Equity – As home values skyrocket, so does the equity in your home. Learn how to put that equity to good use, whether that’s paying off debt, living life, or building even more equity with simple remodels and additions.
  • Protecting Yourself Against Fraud – Criminals are lurking everywhere, from grocery store lines and unsolicited phone calls to social media apps. Learn to protect yourself against some of today’s most notorious and easy-to-fall-for scams.
  • Teaching Kids About Money – Nobody is born understanding budgets and money management. It’s your job to teach the kids in your life about money and set them on a path toward a bright financial future.
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  • *PwC 2023 Employee Financial Wellness Survey