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Bring Wellness to Your Workplace

Growing a Brighter Tomorrow with InRoads on Your Side

Your Employee Financial Health Starts at Work

InRoads Credit Union wants to help you help your employees grow a brighter tomorrow. Why? Because when your employees are financially stable at home, they’ll bring that stability and assurance to the workplace. With some insight and education from InRoads, we can help your employees achieve a new level of financial success that benefits their household budget, overall health, and gives them peace of mind. All of that can add up to less sick days at work, more focus while on the job, and added productivity.

Our Wellness Program is Free

InRoads Credit Union has educational materials all printed and ready to go. We’ll bring education and insight to your employees, including Lunch and Learn workshops. And it won’t cost your company anything. In just a short amount of time, you’ll see the difference. Need proof?

68% of employees say they would use personal finance services when available.*

Half of all Americans are stressed about money and spend upwards of 3 hours per week dealing with financial issues while at work.*

55% of employers offer a financial wellness program of some type to their employees.**

Let's All Grow with Financial Workshops at Your Office

The InRoads Business Development team brings financially focused workshops to your office, along with a free lunch. These fresh and fun lunch-and-learn events are more than a presentation and handouts. They’re interactive, fun, and informative. Topics include:

  • Becoming a Homeowner
  • Drive Away Happy
  • Planning for Money Milestones
  • Solving the Mystery of Credit Reports
  • Understanding Credit
  • Retirement Planning Later in Life

Employee Wellness Starts with You
Working with our Business Development team, we’ll introduce your employees to InRoads Credit Union. We’ll also show them what we can do for their finances and bring our unique brand of financial education to your workplace. That includes online articles and calculators, low- to no-cost financial products and services, as well as financial advice and planning opportunities.

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Jason Moos
Business Development Officer



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  • *PWC Employee Financial Wellness Survey – 2017 results; **2016 Hot Topics in Retirement and Finance Well-Being.