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DIY projects of all shapes and sizes are wildly popular and addicting! DIY with InRoads is no exception. DIY with InRoads supporters have enjoyed the last two years of DIY projects (check out the videos below). And now, we’ve added some new and exciting projects and insights for 2022.

Shannon Quimby will step us through four seasons of “Top 10 DIY” projects. In these articles, she’ll include everything you’ll need to successfully complete these awesome and cost-saving DIY projects.

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Shannon Quimby
Shannon is an internationally acknowledged designer, photo stylist, television personality, and national guest speaker of home design/styling, salvage DIY and décor ideas. She’s an HGTV alumni and has been featured on NBC, CBS, ABC, and FOX broadcasts.

2022 DIY Calendar

Headboard painted green and turned into a hallway organizer

Spring | Top 10 DIY Home Organization Ideas

Have you ever heard someone say, “My home has way too much storage space”? It’s just the opposite. We seem to never have enough. But before you go out and drain the savings account buying the latest and greatest gadgets to help declutter the house, use what you have. These ten do-it-yourself projects created by repurposing common household items will free up space, keep the mess at bay and organize the little stuff. You can bank on it.

Click here to learn all the easy step-by-step instructions for the Spring Top 10 Home Organization Ideas.

open sign at a yard sale, bright and colorful

Summer | Top 10 DIY Ways to Make Bank at a Garage Sale

How successful was your last yard sale? Did you feel like you wasted your time? DIY guru Shannon Quimby is here to help you put together and promote a top-notch, money-making sale. You can almost smell the success!

Click here to learn the easy top 10 ways to make bank at your next yard sale.

wall artwork made of twigs, spells out dream

Fall | Top 10 DIY Ideas to Cozy Up to Fall Season

It’s getting chilly outside as the leaves start to fall. As we get ready to hunker down to spend more time indoors, let’s try some DIY’s that bring the outdoors in, wrap you in warmth, and slow things down just a little.

Click here to learn the easy top 10 ways to get cozy for fall.

large blue box with white tree icon

Winter | Top 10 DIY Holiday Gift Ideas

Coming Soon

DIY with InRoads | Season 2 | Episodes 1-9

Watch S2E1 : Indoor DIY Projects with Shannon Quimby | Project Instructions (pdf)

Watch S2E2 : Flower Arrangements with Aimee Thompson | Project Instructions (pdf)

Watch S2E3 : Macramé Plant Hangers with Amanda Borges | Project Instructions (pdf)

Watch S2E4 : Outdoor Summer Décor with Shannon Quimby | Project Instructions (pdf)

Watch S2E5 : TikTok Dancing with Savannah Manning

Watch S2E6 : Upcycled Fall Wreath with Shannon Quimby | Project Instructions (pdf)

Watch S2E7 : Halloween Paint Night with Hope Wirta | Project Instructions (pdf)

Watch S2E8 : Festive Wood Signs with Shannon Quimby | Project Instructions (pdf)

Watch S2E9 : Festive Tree Centerpiece with Aimee Thompson | Project Instructions (pdf)

DIY with InRoads | Season 1 | Episodes 1-8

Watch S1E1 : Repurposed Decorating DIY Ideas with Shannon Quimby | Project Instructions (pdf)

Watch S1E2 : DIY Soft Pretzels with Brittney McCollum | Project Instructions (pdf)

Watch S1E3 : Ukulele Lessons with Nick Hurliman

Watch S1E4 : Outdoor Upcycled DIY Decor with Shannon Quimby | Project Instructions (pdf)

Watch S1E5 : DIY Upcycled Clothing with Hannah Baldwin | Project Instructions (pdf)

Watch S1E6 : Guitar Lessons with Bart Hafeman

Watch S1E7 : DIY Starter Toolbox with Shannon Quimby | Toolbox supply list (pdf)

Watch S1E8 : DIY Paint Night with Tarah Scherr-Moline | Paint night supply list (pdf)