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DIY with InRoads

Mixing hands-on fun with money insights

You’re there. We’re here. But thankfully, we’re all still connected. That’s why we’re bringing you a series of next-level DIY projects. Each 1-hour online do-it-yourself class will show you how to save money, make or do something new, and put a smile on your face.

You’re Welcome
Seriously. You are more-than-welcome to sign up for any or all of these online classes. They’re all free, and open to anyone in the community. Tell your neighbors. Tell your friends. Tell anyone who will listen. Then enjoy an hour of insights and fun with do-it-yourself expert Shannon Quimby, and a host of community members and InRoads crafty folk.

Click here for a printable schedule of events.

wood table with old photographs, paper and pen on it and a set of books covered with decorative paper

Simple repurposed decorating DIY ideas that create a big bang for your buck

basket of fresh made pretzels with sale on blue towel

Don’t get your finances twisted - DIY pretzel making

Apple Table Decorations and burlap cover

Outdoor upcycled DIY decor that puts money in your pocket, not in the ground

two hands at sewing machine sewing a piece of fabric

We’re SEW grateful to have you as members!

row of tools including wrench, pliers and screwdrivers above a measuring tape

DIY starter toolbox that helps you save money around the house

colorful paintbrushes with a rainbow of paint colors on the top

DIY paint night