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DIY projects of all shapes and sizes are wildly popular and addicting! Plus, they can save you money by doing it yourself or repurposing things you already have. DIY with InRoads viewers have enjoyed three years of DIY projects (check out the videos and blogs below). And we’ve planned some new and exciting projects and insights for 2023.

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Women on the master-class on floristics. Young ladies making floral composition. Group of females with flowers indoor at the loft background. Decoration process

Season 4, Episode 4: Mother's Day Flower Arrangements

Coming in May

Side view on various refreshing alcoholic cocktail drinks

Season 4, Episode 5: Summer Mixology

Coming in June

Biscuits and sausage gravy. A hearty and traditional southern meal served for breakfast or brunch. Comfort food.

Season 4, Episode 6: Bless Your Heart Southern Food

Coming in July

door made made form reclaimed 2x2 wood slats that have been connected with screws and make a modern door mat

Season 4, Episode 7: Wood Slat Door Mat

Coming in August

Veterinarian and assistant in vet clinic at work with a tan and white english bulldog.

Season 4, Episode 8: Pet Care with Midway Veterinary Clinic

Coming in October

handmade gnome with grey beard and hat. made by employee aimee thompson.

Season 4, Episode 9: Christmas Gnomes

Coming in November

DIY with InRoads, Season 2

Watch S2E1 : Indoor DIY Projects with Shannon Quimby | Project Instructions (pdf)
Watch S2E2 : Flower Arrangements with Aimee Thompson | Project Instructions (pdf)
Watch S2E3 : Macramé Plant Hangers with Amanda Borges | Project Instructions (pdf)
Watch S2E4 : Outdoor Summer Décor with Shannon Quimby | Project Instructions (pdf)
Watch S2E5 : TikTok Dancing with Savannah Manning
Watch S2E6 : Upcycled Fall Wreath with Shannon Quimby | Project Instructions (pdf)
Watch S2E7 : Halloween Paint Night with Hope Wirta | Project Instructions (pdf)
Watch S2E8 : Festive Wood Signs with Shannon Quimby | Project Instructions (pdf)
Watch S2E9 : Festive Tree Centerpiece with Aimee Thompson | Project Instructions (pdf)

DIY with InRoads, Season 1

Watch S1E1 : Repurposed Decorating DIY Ideas with Shannon Quimby | Project Instructions (pdf)
Watch S1E2 : DIY Soft Pretzels with Brittney McCollum | Project Instructions (pdf)
Watch S1E3 : Ukulele Lessons with Nick Hurliman
Watch S1E4 : Outdoor Upcycled DIY Decor with Shannon Quimby | Project Instructions (pdf)
Watch S1E5 : DIY Upcycled Clothing with Hannah Baldwin | Project Instructions (pdf)
Watch S1E6 : Guitar Lessons with Bart Hafeman
Watch S1E7 : DIY Starter Toolbox with Shannon Quimby | Toolbox supply list (pdf)
Watch S1E8 : DIY Paint Night with Tarah Scherr-Moline | Paint night supply list (pdf)