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Digital Banking for Business

Take your business finances everywhere you go

Business banking from any device

Add Digital Banking for Business to your business and get access to your finances from your office computer, phone, or tablet. Use it to transfer funds, pay vendors, administer payroll, make deposits, add multiple employee logins, setup account alerts and more. Register your account for Digital Banking by calling 503.397.2376 or emailing [email protected].

Visit your app store and download the Digital Banking app today. Then, login as usual to see all your business accounts. You can use the same app to see your personal accounts, just logout and log back in with your personal username and password. It’s that easy and convenient.

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Business Banking Features

You’ve used Digital Banking for your personal finances, now take your business banking to the next level with Digital Banking for Business. Everything integrates seamlessly with your financial software, making balancing your books, payroll, and sending files off to accounting that much easier.

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Multiple Authorized Users with Different Levels of Permission

Add authorized users to your Digital Banking and give them access with unique usernames and passwords. You can set up users with specific permissions to get as much (or as little) access to your business accounts as you see fit. You can even manage multiple business accounts with one login.

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Payroll Processing

Pay your employees quickly and easily. Payroll processing is one of the biggest and best features of Digital Banking for Business. Just input some information about your employees and every payday will be easier than ever, including direct deposit.

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Desktop Deposit

Streamline the process of depositing your checks using Digital Banking. Desktop Deposit is easy to use and makes it possible to deposit checks from your office. What you do with all of your newly found free time is totally up to you.

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Positive Pay

Writing checks can be risky. Positive Pay is a cash management service that helps protect your business from fraudulent checks. It’s a smart way to protect your bottom line from unwanted check fraud.

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Initiate Automatic Payments and Wires

Automatic payments and wires are quick and easy with Digital Banking for Business. Just identify who or what company you need to pay and when. The system will do the rest.

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Financial Software Connectivity

InRoads Digital Banking for Business connects seamlessly with QuickBooks, Quicken, or Mint to make your business bookkeeping easy. And all that easy just might add some downtime to your day.

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