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Notary Made Easy

In-person and virtual document notarization options

When you need something notarized, you need it done now. InRoads is here to help. Instead of driving to a branch to get your legal documents certified, you can do it virtually with InRoads LIVE. Or stop by any branch, and we’ll get your documents notarized, including specialized by-appointment Medallion notary for specific financial transactions.

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InRoads LIVE Notary

Get documents notarized from almost anywhere. Just connect with an InRoads LIVE team member. Don’t forget a digital version of your document and your valid government-issued ID. LIVE Notary is free for InRoads members.

Please note that LIVE Notary is unable to notarize wills, mortgage documents, Washington state DMV documents, and other documents that specifically state they cannot be virtually notarized.

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In-branch Notary

Bring your documents and valid government-issued ID to any InRoads location and get them notarized in person. This is a free service for InRoads members.

Please note, we are unable to notarize wills or real estate packets for buying, selling, or transferring home ownership.

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Medallion Signature Guarantee

When selling stocks or bonds, a specialized Medallion Signature Guarantee is required. InRoads can get yours done. All you need is an appointment. Call or text 503.397.2376 to schedule an appointment and learn about the required documents.

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