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Changing Lanes

Why we changed our name to InRoads

Be individual

We’re so excited about our new name. But, you might be wondering, why InRoads? There was nothing wrong with the name St. Helens Community Credit Union. But the name InRoads allows the credit union to grow and give more families a clear path to a brighter financial future.

In all, over 25 names were reviewed as part of the renaming process. This involved working with staff, management and the Board of Directors.

The name InRoads rose quickly to the top.

As for the new colors in the new logo, they work together to represent the credit union within the community. The idea is to symbolize how InRoads works in harmony with each member on their life journey. The ‘O’ is a representation of the horizon. It is a goal in the future that we’re heading towards together. The word ‘In’ highlights each member’s individuality by including them in the conversation and presenting an invitation to discover more about the credit union.

While the commitment to you has not changed, longtime members will notice some subtle shifts in the way the credit union inspires, invites, innovates, and helps members be individual with their money and their financial future.

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