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Be Financially Fit

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Everyone wants to be physically fit, but getting there takes work. It works the same way with finances, too. When you want to be financially fit, it takes dedication and some insights into money. We’ve compiled some tips to help you with your financial fitness journey as a teenager.

Create a Budget
Even if you don’t have any bills, having a budget will get you used to living within your means and always paying yourself first. Start by writing down how much money you make every week or month. Then write out all of your expenses, including your own savings. The goal is to have money left over.

Plan Ahead
Do you want to go to school after college? Maybe you’re interested in the trades? Set aside some money so you can pay for those classes, books, or other expenses related to what you want to learn.

Ask for Help
Your parents might be a great resource when it comes to money. Ask them about their budget. Want to really overachieve? Talk to someone about your retirement plan and get it started. Even if you put just a little away toward retirement now, you’ll be years ahead of everyone else. Sign up to use InRoads Connect with your parents so you can learn smart budgeting and money management.

Sign Up for Student Cash Back Debit
You might already have a savings account, but adding a Student Cash Back Debit account can really help prepare you for the future. Be sure to login to Online Banking every day to check your account and double-check where you spend your money. Also, be aware that your debit card subtracts money from your account immediately or soon after you make a purchase.

InRoads is Here for You
Get more tips about finances and life as a teenager with Elements of Money from InRoads Credit Union.