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Boost Savings

Give Your Savings a Boost

Sure, loan rates have been great over the past few years, but savings rates just haven’t kept up. In fact, they’ve been rather lackluster at best. At InRoads, we’re changing all of that with Boost Savings.

Earn a great return with specially designed tiered rates that work in your favor. Have up to $5,000 to save for a rainy day? You could earn up to 2.50% APY* with Direct Deposit to your InRoads membership. Don’t have Direct Deposit? You can still earn up to 2.00% APY* on your Boost Savings balance. Better yet, get Direct Deposit and earn more for your hard-earned savings.

Earn up to Balance
2.50% APY* $0 – $5,000
2.50%-2.25% APY* $5,001 – $10,000
2.25%-1.65% APY* $10,001 – $25,000
1.65%-0.98% APY* $25,001 – $100,000
0.98%-0.75% APY* $100,001 and higher

Further Your Finances  
Open your Boost account today at any branch, or call 503.397.2376. Have questions about Boost Savings and other options? We’re here to show you how much you could save and earn with this and other interest-earning accounts designed especially for you and your needs.


*2.00% APY on balances $5000 or less. 2.50% APY on balances $5000 or less with Direct Deposit to the same membership. Rates effective as of 10/11/2018 and are subject to change. Fees could reduce earnings. Minimum balance to open account is $10.