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Control Your Credit and Your Future

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Building and maintaining your good credit is essential. Someday you’re going to want to get a job, buy a car, or finance a house. And your credit will determine if you qualify. Here are a few ways to grow and keep your good credit.

Never Miss a Payment
Your payment history tells potential creditors (and employers) how reliable you are with money and life. If you miss just one payment, your credit score will likely suffer.

Monitor Your Debt
Carrying a very low balance on a credit card can help build your score. Be sure not to exceed $100 on any card and pay the balance off within 90 days to avoid paying too much for that small boost in your score. Sign up to use InRoads Connect with your parents so you can learn smart budgeting and money management.

Be Faithful
Instead of moving from one credit card to the next, keep the same one for years. That shows that you are reliable and can be trusted with credit. Your credit score will benefit as well.

Get Your Free Credit Report
To get yours, visit AnnualCreditReport.com. Once you get a report from each of the agencies (Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian), look them over for errors. If you find an error, such as a credit card you didn’t authorize or an overdue payment that you didn’t miss, contact the agency directly. You’ll find contact information on each of the reports.

Check Your Credit Score
Every time you login to InRoads Online Banking or Mobile Banking, you can get a snapshot of your current Credit Score. The next time you login, look for your score on the bottom right portion of the page (on a computer), or clearly marked in the app.

InRoads is Here for You
Get more tips about finances and life as a teenager with Elements of Money from InRoads Credit Union.