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Message from Brooke

Low angle cropped view of colleagues putting their hands on top of each other, wearing casual clothes. Concept of successful teambuilding and unity

The economy plays a big role in our daily lives. As your credit union, we’re proud to be part of your economic world, whether you’re saving for the future, buying groceries, or applying for a home loan for your growing family. Thanks to a 2018 study by ECONorthwest and the Northwest Credit Union Association, we discovered just how much our cooperative relationship helps the local economy, as well as your family, grow and prosper. What they found is exactly what you might expect – credit unions and credit union members boost local economies, create jobs, and bring prosperity.

In the 2018 report, we learned that 2.1 million Oregonians are credit union members. That’s 50% of the entire population, which is up from 41.7% just a few years ago. Those members and the credit unions impacted the economy to the tune of $1.8 billion. That includes total spending and compensation supported by credit union operations throughout the state, with direct member benefits in Oregon adding up to $152 million. At InRoads, those direct member benefits totaled on average $74 per member.

As always, thank you for your membership. As a member, you’re a vital part of the economic equation. Every deposit, loan, and purchase you make at InRoads Credit Union helps create jobs, improve schools, and brings added prosperity to our community.