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Meet the Loan Servicing Team

group of 7 females and one male standing outside smiling at camera

Katie Woodall, Vice President of Lending, has been a part of the credit union for just over 20 years. In that time, she’s worked in plenty of departments, but Loan Servicing is one of her favorites thanks to her incredible team and the behind-the-scenes work that allows members to finance their dreams.

What the Department Does   
Here’s how it works. Let’s say you applied for an auto loan. Once that loan application is completed, the Loan Servicing department goes to work. They make sure everything gets done in a timely fashion, from underwriting of the loan to funding one that was done at a local dealership.

“The team in the Loan Servicing department work extremely hard to make sure member requests are taken care of as efficiently as possible,” Katie said with a smile. “While we don’t see members face to face, we do provide assistance to the branch staff to ensure they can provide the members with excellent service.”

Mortgage Loans Find Their Way Here, Too
When it comes to mortgage loans, the process can take a little longer, but the team handles it all.

“Each mortgage loan can go down a different road,” she added. “We collect and review documentation, order appraisals, and do our best to keep things on track for the members.”

Nearly everything that has to do with lending will pass through the Loan Servicing Department.

When asked about what they like about working at InRoads, the people in Loan Services overwhelming stated that it was the teamwork, independence, and reliability on one another that keeps them motivated and eager for each new day and challenge.

Loan Servicing Team, from left to right:
Sarah Woodall, Loan Processor
Mikka Mullican, Underwriter
Katrina Claridge, Loan Servicing Specialist
Samantha Lowry, Underwriter
Diana Duncan, Servicing Specialist
Cori Zartman, Underwriter
Katie Woodall, VP Lending
Fred Kraft, Loan Servicing Specialist