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Get Savvy This New Year

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The New Year is full of resolutions. The only problem is, we all tend to break those promises to ourselves after a few short weeks. This year make a promise you can keep with some easily attainable financial goals.

Track Every Expense (all year long)

Instead of passively spending your money, pay attention to it. Watch every penny. You’ll be surprised at how much money you and your family could save by limiting small trips to the grocery store, trips to the yogurt shop, or eating out.

Using Online Banking and Mobile Banking, you can see exactly where you spend your money. Or use software programs, such as Mint.com or the BillGuard app that allow you to input every purchase and deposit. Most of these programs and online services are free to use for individuals and families.

Stick to Your Budget (all year long)

This year, really stick to your family’s budget. But be flexible. If you are going over your budget, make adjustments as necessary to ensure you have enough for fixed and necessary expenses. The best place to start making cuts is in your entertainment and communication budget. Those include your television cable or satellite packages, wireless cell phone plans, internet access, eating out, movies, and more.

Get Savvy with Your Credit Score (all year long)

Good credit means lower interest rates on loans, so improving your credit score can help you save money all year long. At St. Helens Community, we’ve found a way to help members track their credit score. It’s called Savvy Money Credit Score. Just visit SavvyMoney.com/SHCU and sign up. As a St. Helens Community member, it won’t cost you a thing to monitor your score and keep an eye on your credit.

We’re Here to Help (all year long)

The folks at St. Helens Community are always here to help. Just stop by any branch or call 503.397.2376.