View Points Newsletter Article | Fall 2015

Chip Cards are Coming

Chances are you’ve seen some new credit card machines at your favorite store. Those readers use a technology called chip and PIN. Instead of “swiping” your card, you simply put the card into the bottom of the reader and allow the machine to scan the chip for account information.

It’s safer than the magnetic stripe. And soon, those cards will be coming to St. Helens Community.

When Will I Receive a Chip Card?
If you have a St. Helens Community Visa® Credit Card, you will get a new card that incorporates the new chip technology once yours expires, starting in early 2016. Debit cards with the chip will be sent out later in 2016, as they expire.

You’ll love your new Chip Card for the added security and more, including worldwide acceptance. Your Chip Card will allow you to pay at national and international merchants where chip cards are the standard. In addition, the Chip Card has a magnetic stripe on the back, so you can still make purchases by swiping your card at merchants that have not yet switched to chip-enabled terminals.