View Points Newsletter | Summer 2015

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When you visit, be sure to scroll down. You just might see one of your friends, neighbors, and fellow credit union members sharing their thoughts about St. Helens Community. Want to share your love for your credit union? Send us an email, stop by any branch, call, or connect with us on Facebook or Twitter. We’d love to put you on the website too.

Giving Back to the Community
At St. Helens Community, it’s an honor to serve our members and the local community. That’s why we give back any way we can. Whether it’s volunteering over 700 hours, sponsoring a dozen or more local sports teams, giving tens of thousands to local non-profit organizations, or helping kids get on the path to financial literacy, we do what we can. To see what your membership has allowed us to do throughout the community, visit our home page and scroll down.