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Some Pictures are Worth Every Penny

Now you can make deposits with your phone

Some pictures really are worth a thousand words – or at least whatever the dollar amount is listed on the check. With Mobile Deposit found inside the Digital Banking app, you can use your phone’s camera to deposit any check from anywhere.

Download the Digital Banking App
Open your phone’s app store and look for the InRoads Credit Union Digital Banking app. It’s available from the Apple® App Store and Google® Play. Once you have the app, login to Digital Banking with your InRoads username and password, and then give Mobile Deposit a try.

Download Digital Banking app

The Proper Endorsement
The Digital Banking app and Mobile Deposit are both huge time savers. However, without properly endorsing the back of every check, your deposits could be declined due to a Federal regulation that took effect in 2018. That requirement helps protect you by limiting the number of times a check can be deposited. Here’s how to ensure all of your deposits are done right. Make sure you sign the back of the check and then write the following below that signature:

For Mobile Deposit Only to InRoads Credit Union

That’s it. That simple sentence will help ensure your checks get deposited.

Have Questions or Need Help?
Call or text us at 503.397.2376. We’ll walk you through the process and help you become a Digital Banking and Mobile Deposit pro.

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