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Fraud Alert

light blue background with inroads O and purple words reading fraud alert

At InRoads, we take your privacy and financial security seriously. When we realized some members were receiving fraudulent text messages and calls supposedly originating from InRoads, we took immediate action.

Seeing Is Not Always Believing
If you receive a text message from the InRoads fraud verification department asking you to verify a recent purchase, it’s okay to answer yes or no. Fraudulent text messages or phone calls from someone pretending to be InRoads will attempt to get more information from you. If this happens, don’t reply. Hang up immediately and call us directly at 503.397.2376. This will help protect your accounts and those of your fellow members.

InRoads Doesn’t Ask Those Kinds of Questions
Please remember that InRoads will NEVER initiate a call to you and then ask for your personal banking information. This includes your debit card number, its expiration date or CVV number, online banking login and password, Social Security Number, member number, address, phone number, or account balances. We already have that information. Only someone trying to commit fraud would ask those questions — even as a way to verify your identity.

Looking for more information about fraud and scams? Check out our online security page.