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2023 Annual Meeting

You're Invited

We’ve had the distinct honor of serving families and small businesses throughout the community for 85 years. We want to invite you to attend the annual membership meeting as we take a look at 2022 and share what is ahead in 2023 and beyond.

June 27, 2023 at 6:00pm
Meriwether Place
1070 Columbia Blvd, St. Helens

Candidates & Nomination Process

Members who serve on the Board of Directors of InRoads Credit Union are unpaid volunteers. Their service on the Board requires attendance at monthly and special Board meetings which involves a significant amount of time spent in preparation for those meetings. Board members also attend scheduled training sessions and off-site educational/strategic planning functions throughout the year.

This year, the nominating committee has nominated the four candidates below. No nominations by petition were received. Therefore, as provided in our bylaws, there will be no nominations from the floor and no voting at the credit union’s annual meeting. Each of the four candidates will start their new term on the board after the annual meeting which will be held at Meriwether Place, 1070 Columbia Blvd in St. Helens, at 6:00 pm on June 27. Their statement of qualifications and biographical data are listed below.

Sherry Campbell – Incumbent

I recently joined the board last August after previously serving on the Supervisory Committee. I have been a member for over 20 years, accessing many of the lending programs made available to me as a 45-year resident of Columbia County. For the last nine years, my professional career has been dedicated solely to the growth and financial stability of credit unions nationwide. My experience working with budgets and specifically, proactively managing the cost of employee medical benefits, provides valuable insight to the board. I am excited for the future growth of InRoads and honored to serve my community.

David Graham – Incumbent

I’m a small business owner, an InRoads member for nearly 40 years and a civic-minded community advocate who believes in the Credit Union philosophy of people helping people. I’m passionate about serving our community and enjoy being part of guiding the credit union with a member-centric lens. I’m currently up for re-election for a fourth term – I believe my 30-years of experience running a small business has helped the credit union offer better financial products and services to like-minded small business owners throughout the region.

Jeff Schultz

I have been a lifetime resident of Columbia County and an InRoads Credit Union member since the age of two. I will apply my knowledge as a small business owner in the financial services industry, previous experience on a different community board, and past partnership with InRoads for the first 14-years of my career to guide this Credit Union forward. I will advocate for strong community involvement, highly competitive products for businesses and families in our community and excellent customer service. I appreciate your consideration and would be humbled to serve the membership if selected. Thank you.

Erik Tolleshaug – Incumbent

I have been a member of the Credit Union for over 40 years. I grew up in Columbia County, raised a family here and I’m a local business owner. I have volunteered all my life for organizations throughout the county and continue to do so including serving on several committees and boards in the area. I was on the Supervisory Committee for the last couple of years before being appointed to the Board. I believe the knowledge that I have gained from our community and from being a business owner is an asset to the Credit Union and I hope you will let me continue to work for you.