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Adding Insurance to Your Family Getaways

Family of four sitting on Caribbean beach

It’s always fun to plan a trip and take the family somewhere new. But before you travel anywhere be sure to pack the right insurance coverage along with all of your clothes and other essentials. Here are some insurance options to consider.

You Might Not Need Extra Rental Car Insurance
When you rent a car they always try to sell you the extra insurance. Should you buy it? Maybe. While credit cards like the St. Helens Community Visa® Platinum come with Auto Rental Collision Damage Coverage, extra insurance doesn’t hurt. The best part is, you might already have that extra insurance. Simply check with your auto insurance agent to see if your policy includes car rental coverage. Just be sure to play it safe and choose adequate insurance – especially if you’re renting an expensive make and model.

Know Your Homeowner’s or Renter’s Insurance Policy
If your smartphone or wallet go missing while you’re on vacation, are you covered? If you have homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, you might be. Call your agent and ask about your deductible and if your policy will cover travel outside a set geographic area. Additionally, your policy may cover some damages you accidentally cause to others. However, it might not always be enough. Ask your agent about an umbrella policy to cover your financial future.

Health Insurance Doesn’t Like to Travel
Most policies do not cover injuries or emergencies that happen while outside the U.S. Double check your policy. Simply ask about coverage abroad for possible injuries due to ordinary activities (eating, sightseeing, driving) and dangerous vacation fun (hang gliding, parasailing, etc.).

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