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Watch Out for Phone Scams


With all of the cell phones being used today, vishing scams are making a comeback. Vishing scams involve a phone call from a person or a recorded message pretending to be from your financial institution. The phone number might even appear to be from your bank or credit union. However, the person on the other end, or the computer voice, is simply trying to steal personal and financial information. If you share your card numbers, Social Security number, login identification, or passwords, you will become a victim.

At InRoads, we won’t call and ask for your financial information via voicemail or email. After all, we already have a lot of that on file. If you receive a vishing call, please let us know at 503.397.2376. In the meantime, we’ve put together a few ways to protect yourself from this ever-evolving scam.

  • Never respond to an unsolicited call from a person or company that you do not have a relationship with or regarding services for which you have not contracted.
  • Remember, for privacy and security, financial institutions don’t ask for your private information. They generally already have that information.
  • If you receive a Vishing message, disregard the recorded number, or the number you are given over the phone, and contact your financial institution through the customer service phone number on your statement or credit card.
  • When in doubt, do not respond to an email, voicemail or text message regarding an account. Contact your financial institution through regular channels.