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Tina and Her Husband Buy a House in Record Time

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The day Tina and her husband learned about the perfect house for sale on a quaint Oregon river in the coast range, they were more than intrigued. Within hours of seeing the home in person, the couple called St. Helens Community Credit Union to secure the financing.

“The credit union got it all done in just 23 days,” Tina said about the whole process. “Plus, we put our house on the market and sold it in just four days. Everything came together perfectly.”

The family has been members of the credit union for well over 20 years. In that time, they’ve financed boats and RVs, homes, cars, trucks, and ATVs. Even their kids are members.

“Whatever we need, St. Helens Community makes it happen,” Tina added. “They never judge, and they’re always cheering us on, like a rally squad at a football game. It’s great to have that kind of team standing behind you. That’s why we love St. Helens Community Credit Union.

The family’s new home has an acre of land, plenty of room for their kids and grandkids to come visit, and a boat dock.

“It’s exactly what we wanted,” she said about the new home. “It’s perfect for our lifestyle and our work.”

Over the years, the couple did try other financial institutions as they moved around the state. But they never found anything even close to the service and support they received from St. Helens Community.

“St. Helens Community is about real people helping real families,” she added. “I know they will take care of us 100%. If we need a new boat, they’ll get it done. If we need a home loan, it will simply happen. We can even sign and review everything electronically from our location instead of going to a branch. It’s so easy. With the people at St. Helens Community always eager to help, it’s like having a personal banking expert who is always on our side. We’re so glad we’ve taken the credit union with us wherever we move.”

Helping Members Everywhere
Whether you need a new car or truck, want to finance a home, or simply need a real-life person to talk to about your Online Banking and Mobile Banking needs, you can count on our team. Call 503.397.2376 or stop by any branch if you’re in the area. If you’ve moved out of the area like Tina and her husband, you can always find a Shared Branch location where we can help you get the service you deserve.