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More Happy for Your Holidays

Skip a payment for extra holiday cash

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The holidays are here! InRoads can help make them a little brighter with Skip Payment. If you have loans at InRoads, you can request to skip a monthly payment and boost your gift-giving, family-togetherness budget.

  • Can be used on qualified InRoads loans
  • Skip up to one payment on each loan every 6 months
  • $40 fee per skipped payment

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  • Skip Payments are not valid for first loan payment, commercial loans, mortgage and home equity loans, Drive auto program loans, INstant Cash loans and Sign & Spend loans. Skip Payment requests are subject to approval.

INstant Cash

INstant Cash gives you plenty of reasons to celebrate the season, including the chance to borrow anywhere from $500 to $2,000 with terms of up to 18 months*. Best of all, if you qualify, you get the money instantly. All you need to apply are a few minutes, some basic personal information, and an active primary InRoads membership for the past 6 months.

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