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Life and finances don’t always live in harmony. We get it. That’s why we created InRoads INcredible Checking. With no monthly fees and no overspending fees*, INcredible Checking will give you peace of mind knowing you’re covered no matter what life throws your way.

Start Living Your Best Financial Life with INcredible Checking
It’s time to take control of your financial life. With INcredible Checking, there’s no fee if you accidentally overspend and don’t have the money to cover that must-have frappuccino or essentials at the grocery store. Open your account today at inroadscu.org, via the InRoads LIVE app or by texting us at 503.397.2376.

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Get your deposit up to two days early**

When your paycheck is early, it’s like starting the month off on the right foot. With INcredible Checking you could get your paycheck up to two days sooner than usual, which is enough time to better plan the month’s bills, get grocery shopping done before everyone else, and save a little more toward tomorrow. Let our team show you all the advantages and how to get more from your hard-earned money.

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First-Time Visa®

If you’re just starting your credit journey, the InRoads First-time Visa can help. This easy-to-qualify-for card comes with a $200 credit-building limit, no annual fees, and the chance to apply for a Platinum or Classic card with a higher spending limit in the future.

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  • *Available on personal accounts only. No fees for up to $50 in overspending. Any transactions that result in over $50 in overspending will be declined. Must bring account current within 14 days.
  • **Early availability of Direct Deposits is not guaranteed and may vary from deposit to deposit.