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INspiration can be Found Throughout our Community

Maybe it’s a neighbor who brings lunch for all the kids on the block, a grocery clerk who makes you smile, or an extra special teacher. These local heroes make a difference in our lives and our community.

It was amazing and humbling to read about the people in our community that INspire you. Thank you to all who shared inspirational stories of local heroes that make a difference in our lives and our community.

Congratulations to our Grand Prize Winners

These three community heroes were awarded an all-local prize basket full of goodies from local businesses.

Tami McDonald

Josie Sturgis

INspired Nominees

These heroes give back selflessly and tirelessly to make our community a better place. See below about how they INspire.

  • Abby O. supports foster children and families in our community through Riverside Community Outreach while also raising a family of her own
  • Aimee T. always provides service with a smile and gives welcoming encouragement and advice to help others
  • Alta L. donates her time to help those who served their country by providing services to Veterans in our community through the Elks Veterans Bunker
  • Becky P. enjoys volunteering in Columbia City and community, but also took on the role of secretary for her bowling league
  • Berry Bright Teachers Shelly, Debbie and Lynda got creative to help their preschoolers graduate and move on to Kindergarten, despite the challenges of distance learning and social distancing
  • Beth P. has a big heart and helps others by leading the brown bag program at the food bank and Operation Dignity, which provides hygiene kits for the homeless
  • Carl M. has served as a leader and coach for local sports and puts in countless hours to ensure the season runs smoothly
  • Chrissy M. works to make the world a better place with her smiles and friendliness throughout the community
  • Christine S. runs a business, operates kids consignment sales and is an advocate for diversity
  • DeAnn M. is the director of Snoopeeland Child Development Center and has worked tirelessly to keep her staff employed and the children safe during the pandemic
  • Debra K. provides snacks, treats and a motherly eye on the children and families in her neighborhood
  • Doug K. has worked overtime through the pandemic serving as a police officer while also supporting his children and family
  • Erica S. is a huge part of a group of moms who support one another in Columbia County
  • Heather E. runs her small business and helps promote other small businesses while serving with positivity and a smile
  • Janelle A. serves the most vulnerable women and children in our community as a CASA volunteer and works for SAFE of Columbia County
  • Josie S. is an ER nurse who has served her patients tirelessly while remaining quarantined to protect her extended family
  • Karen B. spreads love and hope as an organizer and advocate for those impacted my suicide
  • Kari S. is a 3rd grade teacher working hard to overcome the challenges of the new school year, yet she finds times to supply meals to her neighbors and support the children around her
  • Mike K. is the neighbor who always lends a helping hand with a smile on his face
  • Natasha P. has a heart for helping local businesses and offering guidance to weather the changing business landscape
  • Rene F. has worked hard to start a business but still volunteers time to coach soccer and support his family
  • Shanna D. is dedicated to collaborating and organizing events for kids, parents and the community around her
  • Tami M. serves on the Board of Directors for the Amani Center, volunteers for the local backpack program that provides children with food, sorts cans and bottles for graduating seniors, helps with food boxes for the holidays and so much more