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Banking on your terms

InRoads gives you options

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Bank when you want

Your life. Your schedule. InRoads gives you 24/7 online access to your finances to get your banking done anytime. Day or night, it’s up to you. Need to chat with a human? Use InRoads LIVE and go virtual, even on a Saturday!

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Bank where you want

InRoads gives you on-the-go access to your money and finances from anywhere. Exploring nearby shops or on a hike and want to confirm a balance or pay a bill? No problem. All you need is online access and a minute or two.

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Bank how you want

Don’t want to call? Text InRoads instead. Or utilize Digital Banking using a browser or the Digital Banking app on your phone. InRoads LIVE connects you with a team member via video through the InRoads LIVE app or at any branch drive-thru.

You Deserve to be Rewarded

With Cash Rewards Checking, earn up to 3.50% APY1 on your checking balance while you do your shopping, pay your bills and live your life. This account comes packed with a long list of extras, including surcharge-free ATM access at over 30,000 CO-OP Network ATMs.

Watch Your Savings Grow

Open your Boost Savings today and earn 0.99% APY2 on balances up to $5,000 with Direct Deposit into your InRoads Credit Union account.

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  • 1Annual Percentage Yield (APY) accurate as of 2/1/2023. Rate tiers are as follows: 3.50% APY applies to balances of $.01-$15,000 and 0.50% - 3.50% APY applies to balances over $15,000 as long as qualifications are met each statement cycle. 0.01% APY applies to all balances if qualifications are not met. Rates may change after the account is opened. Qualifying transactions must post and settle to the account during the monthly qualification cycle. Qualification cycle ends on the second to the last business day of each month. Transactions may take one or more business days from the transaction date to post and settle to an account. ATM Fee reimbursements provided only if qualifications are met within the monthly qualification cycle. Fees may reduce earnings. Minimum to open either account is $50. Only available on personal accounts.
  • 2Minimum amount to open is $10. To qualify for the Bonus Rate, you must receive a reoccurring direct deposit of at least $10 to the same membership as the Boost Savings Account. Only one Boost Savings is allowed per individual. Additional conditions may apply. Annual Percentage Yield (APY) accurate as of 1/20/2022 and may change after the account is opened. Fees may reduce earnings. Learn more about Boost Savings.