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Stay warm and cozy this winter with these energy saving tips

Closeup image of family wearing woolen socks warming by the fireplace

The cold and wet winter weather has arrived throughout the Northwest. To help keep your family cozy and warm, we have some winterizing and home heating tips.

Wrap exposed plumbing with insulation: This can include pipes under your kitchen and bathroom sink. If the crawl space in your home could drop below freezing, wrap exposed pipes.

Cover some crawl-space vents: Close or cover vents located below or near kitchen or bathroom sinks. This can help keep them from freezing.

Fix cracks in your foundation: Cracks let in cold air and water. They also allow rodents and other pests to access your home.

Do some indoor updates: This includes switching ceiling fans to spin clockwise to blow warm air down, fixing drafts under doors and around windows, and closing the chimney flue when it’s not in use.

Get a free energy audit: The Energy Trust of Oregon offers an easy online checklist to evaluate your home’s energy usage. Visit energytrust.org to learn what you can do to reduce your monthly energy costs.

Contact your local public utility: You could be eligible for an in-home evaluation. Reach out to your local public utility office for information about rebates and energy efficiency.

Reach out to InRoads: InRoads offers an Energy Saver Loan to help you update your homes furnace or heat pump. The loan can also help finance maintenance, weatherization, and the addition of new energy-efficient appliances with special low rates.