View Points Newsletter | Fall 2017

Meet Holly, Funeral Director and Credit Union Member

Growing up in Central Oregon, Holly Houston didn’t know she’d end up living in St. Helens, Oregon. But now that she’s here, she wouldn’t have it any other way. Especially when it comes to her favorite financial institution, St. Helens Community Credit Union.

When Holly was a kid, her mom worked at U.S. Bank. Like any good parent, she opened accounts for her kids and taught them the importance of managing their money. Years later, her mom changed jobs, but Holly kept her account at the big bank while she tended to her own career.

Growing Professionally
Not long after graduating from Mt. Hood Community College Funeral Service Program, Holly found her stride as one of the youngest Funeral Directors in Oregon history. She was just 21.

After over a decade in the industry and a desire to find a new community, Holly moved to St. Helens as Funeral Director for Columbia Funeral Home. She fell in love with the region, the job, and the locals. But she wasn’t happy with her bank.

“I had left my account at the bank out of some kind of loyalty,” Holly recalled. “I finally got sick of all the fees, runaround, and impersonal service at the bank and started looking for a new place to move accounts.”

A Pillar of the Community
As the local Rotary president, Holly began meeting all kinds of new people from all walks of life. One of the people she met was an employee of St. Helens Community.

“I was invited to a special seminar called Budgeting and Brews. I was struck by the fact that the credit union really cares about the financial well-being of its members,” Holly explained. “They aren’t about making money. There was no guess as to where I was going to move money accounts.”

She became a St. Helens Community member a short time later.

Holly knew she had made the right decision when she came into her favorite branch in St. Helens on Highway 30 during the week of her birthday.

“They said since it was my birthday week, I was able to pick a prize from the basket. I loved that.”

What She Loves about St. Helens Community
Holly enjoys using Online Banking and Mobile Banking, especially the Account Alerts that let her know anytime something happens with her account.

“It’s really convenient. You can do anything with Online Banking and the Mobile Banking app for your phone.”

While the technology side of the credit union works for Holly, she really likes the personal approach and friendly people.

“It’s good to know that the credit union cares. They are all great people.”

Growing with the Community
With just over 15 years in her career, Holly plans to be a permanent fixture in the community. In fact, she plans to continue to give back to the community she knows and loves.

“I’ve felt accepted from the get-go in the community and at the credit union. The small town feel and friendly smiles make this a great place.”