View Points Newsletter Article | Summer 2016

High School Reality Fair a Huge Success

If you know a junior at Scappoose High School, you may have heard about the half-day Financial Reality Fair that we put on in April. This fun event gave seniors the chance to face real-world money issues before going out into the real world.

The Financial Reality Fair, which took place April 21st, was sponsored by St. Helens Community in partnership with the Northwest Credit Union Foundation. The day’s event began when each student attending the fair was given an occupation and annual income, and instructed to visit each of the booths labeled as transportation, vacations, rent, insurance, food, etc. They then decided how much of their income to spend on each of life’s wants and needs.

Nearly all 30 of the volunteers needed to make the fair a success were credit union employees. The rest of those attending were eager students.

“We had around 80 students at the fair,” stated St. Helens Community President and CEO, Brooke Van Vleet. “This was a great event for the Careers and Finance class. Students quickly learned that the decisions they make today can directly affect their future.”