View Points Newsletter Article | Fall 2015

A Note from Brooke

You may have noticed a few new faces at the credit union in the past few months. Yes, we are always hiring new people to help us better serve our members, but we’re also promoting our current employees to bigger and better positions within St. Helens Community. I’d like to introduce you to a few of those tremendous leaders.

Ever Evolving St. Helens Community

Our team of employees is amazing. Some have been here for decades. Some, a shorter time – such as our high school tellers who quickly graduate and move on to college. While there are many types of employees at St. Helens Community, they all share a member-centric commitment.

Such as Teresa Fine, who has worked here for 13 years. She was recently promoted to Asset Recovery Supervisor. Her qualifications have already merged perfectly with the job duties, bringing a diligent and persistent approach toward working with members.

Wendy Hilsinger, an 18-year employee was also recently promoted. She is now the Accounting Supervisor. Her love for numbers and precision is exactly what is needed for any good accounting department. Her team is already working in perfect harmony, accounting for every penny.

Then there is Cori Zartman, our Call Center Manager who added management of Card Services, ACH and Share Drafts to her already long list of duties. Cori has been here 13 years, and has undertaken this added responsibility with ease.

All three of these leaders love their new positions at the credit union. We are very lucky to have them here.

Internally, those promotions are shared and celebrated among all of the employees. For our members, those advancements can sometimes come as a surprise. Especially when your favorite teller or loan officer moves to a new location and position. But rest assured, the next person to take that position will be working for your best interest as well.

Speaking of interest, if you’re interested in working at St. Helens Community, check out our open positions here. We’re always growing and looking for people who believe in the credit union philosophy of people helping people.

Brooke Van Vleet