View Points Newsletter Article | Fall 2015

Access Your Cash Anywhere You Go

Heading to the coast, hitting the city, or trekking across country, you have access to your St. Helens Community account at over 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs and some 5,000 Shared Branch locations. It’s this network of credit union ATMs and branches that sets financial cooperatives apart and puts more of your money back into your pocket.

What is a Shared Branch?
A Shared Branch is just as the name suggests, it’s a shared location (or branch) for St. Helens Community members. See, credit unions across the country work together to offer members access to their accounts. That means you can walk into a partner credit union in Kentucky and work with their tellers to make a deposit, pay a loan, or get cash.

The CO-OP Network of ATMs works the same way, with thousands of credit unions offering their ATMs to other credit union members with no surcharge fees.

Another Good Use for the Internet
To locate a credit union that’s part of the Shared Branch Network, or find an ATM that bears the Co-OP Network logo. We’ll highlight every spot within your general vicinity. Or use the St. Helens Community app to find locations right from your smartphone. Just click on the map icon and you’ll have quick access to nearby, surcharge-free ATMs.