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Tips for Password Safety

laptop password login
We’ve all been there. We try to login to a website and discover we’ve forgotten our password. That’s when you decide to use the same password over and over again to make things easier on yourself. However, you’re also making things easier for criminals. Here are some tips to make your passwords better.

Use Big Passwords and Change them Often: If you can do it, consider using passwords with 16 characters or more. Be sure to use a mix of characters, letters, and numbers. Once you have a good, long, unbreakable password, change it. Experts suggest updating your passwords once per month if you can.

Don’t Use Personal Information as a Password: Using the name of a child, pet, street name, or spouse might seem like a great idea, but it’s not. Even if you replace letters with numbers and symbols, you will be making it a lot easier for a criminal who will start with your personal information. Where do they get your personal information? Remember those photos and stories you posted to social media? Yup, that’s where they can get that information.

Get a Physical Security Key: A physical security key stores your usernames and passwords and plugs into your computer’s USB port. It acts as a standard key to help you gain access to certain websites. You can even use these keys with your smartphone using NFC (Near-Field Communication). If a website or company supports a physical key, you can add your username and password to the key and use it on multiple sites. Currently, Google, Twitter, Nintendo, eBay, Instagram, Facebook, and several others are supporting this new tech.

Use Unique Passwords for Your Household Devices: This can include smart speakers, televisions, refrigerators, and more.

Don’t Use PASSWORD as Your Password: Every year, the worst passwords are shared by information technology experts, and every year “PASSWORD” wins the distinction of worst password. Even if you replace some of the letters with numbers or symbols, it will still be a terrible, easy-to-guess password.

Stay on Top of Things: If you become the victim of a scam or worry your passwords may have been compromised, but sure to give us a call at InRoads. We’ll help you determine if you need new credit or debit cards, and if you need to update your Online Banking login.