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TellerPhone Banking lets you check balances and more from any phone


It’s easy to access your InRoads checking and savings accounts. Just call 503.397.5979 to check your balances, move money, and much more. It’s always open and completely secure.

Here’s How it Works
Call 503.397.5979
For member login, press 1
Enter member number followed by the # key
Enter access code followed by the # key

Account and Loan Inquiries, press 1
Press 1 for account balances
Press 2 for account history
Press 3 for share draft clearing
Press 4 for loan inquiries

Payments and Transfers, press 2
Press 1 for loan payments
Press 2 for transfers within your member number
Press 3 for transfers to other members

Other Activities, press 3
Press 3 to change your access code
Press 5 to request a stop payment
Press 6 to activate a card
Press 7 to block a card

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