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Spring Break on a Budget

couple sitting in camp chairs looking at sunset above river in mountains

Spring break vacations can be expensive. But there are ways you can reduce the costs and still have a ton of fun. Here are a few tips.

Take the train, bus, or car: Even when airfare is cheap, it’s still expensive to fly. Plan out your trip so that you can drive, take the train, or take the bus. It could save you hundreds.

Skip the hotels: To save upwards of $100 per night, try sleeping at a campground, or staying with friends and relatives. Bonus: your friends and relatives might know about local hot spots you’d enjoy.

Eat out less: A restaurant meal (even fast food) can cost a lot per person per meal. Pack enough food for at least half the meals on your trip and you’ll save hundreds.

Don’t travel from Saturday to Saturday: These are peak travel times when the most people will be on the roads and at the airports. It’s also when ticket and gas prices will likely be at their highest.

Stay on budget: Login to InRoads Online or Mobile Banking every day to keep track of everything you buy and how much you spend.

Stay in the Pacific Northwest: There are plenty of fun and exciting places within driving distance from your home. Instead of staying in hotels, take day trips to hiking destinations, water parks, museums, and more. The whole family will have a blast and you’ll save a ton of money.