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Saving Time and Money with Credit Union Direct Lending

A family enjoys the great outdoors in their new SUV

Whether you want to drive a truck to work, chauffeur the family in a minivan, or proudly sport something with a turbocharger, St. Helens Community can help. With Credit Union Direct Lending (CUDL), financing that new or used vehicle is easier than ever. Here’s how it works.

All About CUDL
Credit unions from across the country came together to form CUDL. This network of credit unions and car dealerships is designed to save members time and money by helping them get the financing they need without making a special trip to the credit union or applying online. Today, CUDL is offered at over 6,500 dealerships throughout the U.S.

Why Choose CUDL
When you finance your vehicle with a credit union you’re going to get competitive rates and lower monthly payments. You’ll also be treated like a human instead of a number. Real-life people will be on the financing side of your loan, looking out for your best interest throughout the entire process.

The CUDL Process
All you need to do is go to your favorite dealership and ask if they offer CUDL. If you’re the member of a credit union, such as St. Helens Community, you’re half way there. Then, just pick the make and model of the vehicle you want, and negotiate price and trade-in. Your financing will be done right there at the dealership. You can even take advantage of dealer and manufacturer incentives and special pricing in most cases.

Start Your Search Online
CUDL works even better when you pair it with AutoSmart. There you can find the make and model of the new or used vehicle you want before you head to the dealership.

Get financing for your next new or used vehicle at St. Helens Community Credit Union at any branch, online, over the phone at 503.397.2376, or at your nearby CUDL dealership.