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Save Money this Summer

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Summer temperatures are rising, and soon so will the costs of doing just about everything. That can include gas prices, the cost of running the air conditioning, and watering the lawn. We’ve put together a quick list of ways you can reduce your outgoing cash-flow without jeopardizing your cool.

Bottle Your Own Water
Sure, there are bottled waters that use glacial ice from a Norwegian source. But most are bottled with plain, ordinary city water. The next time you buy a bottle of water, take a look at the water’s origin. If it says it comes from a municipal source, it is simply tap water.

Bottled water costs upwards of 2,000 times more than tap water, so it stands to reason that if you fill your own bottles with tap or filtered water, you will save money. Either recycle your old water bottles and refill them over and over again, or go out and buy a nice water bottle (metal or safe plastic). Then fill your own before you head out into the summertime sun.

Reduce Your Car Costs
Gas prices rise during the summer. To save money, drive less by planning your trips and carpooling whenever possible. If that’s not an option, you can help reduce your gas consumption by improving your miles per gallon (MPG). One of the biggest wastes of fuel efficiency is improperly inflated tires, which can eat away at your car’s efficiency. Other ways to improve your MPG include oil changes, checking your hoses and belts, as well as ensuring proper coolant levels.

Make More Meals at Home
Turning on an oven in an already warm home makes no sense, but neither does eating out at every meal. Instead, use your outdoor living space and cook your dinners on the grill. Better yet, grow your own produce and skip a trip to the grocery store.

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