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Why the Change in Name?

Quick and insightful answers about our move to InRoads Credit Union

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you change the name of the credit union?
The decision to rename the credit union came out of a Strategic Planning session with your credit union’s Board of Directors and management team to ensure the credit union’s continued growth and success. To ensure we were moving in the right direction, as part of this process we sought the opinions and insights of members and potential members alike. We asked them to describe areas where we excel and how we could do better. What we learned in our research helped influence the new name. We found that potential members living outside of St. Helens were confused about their eligibility for membership based on our current name.

When did the name change become official?
The name took effect on December 10, 2018.

Is the name change due to a merger or acquisition?
No. The name change is not the result of a merger or acquisition.

How did you select a new name?
We spent many months working with an experienced branding firm. That firm worked with a team of professionals at the credit union that included staff, board members, and management. Over 25 names were reviewed and InRoads became the clear choice as a fit for the credit union.

Was the name change expensive?
We considered and evaluated this change for several months, which allowed us to deplete SHCU materials including letterhead, envelopes, and more. The new materials are a sound investment in our future growth.

Will ownership of the credit union remain the same?
Yes. The ownership of the credit union will remain 100% owned by you, the members.

Will fees, loan rates, and deposit rates be impacted?
Neither your rates nor fees will be affected by the new name. We will continue to monitor our rates and fees as always. Rates and fees do fluctuate, but they are adjusted in response to market conditions.

Did my account numbers change?
No, your account number(s) did not change.

Do I need a new debit, credit, or ATM card?
Your St. Helens Community card(s) will continue to work as usual. In 2019, in the month that your card expires, you will receive a new card with the new name and logo.

Do I need new checks?
No. Your checks use the credit union routing number (which will remain the same). This number is located on the bottom of your checks. Checks featuring St. Helens Community will continue to be accepted until you have exhausted your supply.

Have there been employee changes?
Our staff has remained the same overall. However, we pride ourselves on promoting from within. So, if you don’t see your favorite teller next time you come to a branch, they may have been given the opportunity to advance their career in a new position within the credit union.

Are there changes to phone numbers? Website? Email?
All phone numbers remain the same. The new website is inroadscu.org and our employee’s emails now end with @inroadscu.org. The old website and email addresses will automatically redirect for a period of time.

What do I do if I have more questions?
Please feel free to call us at 503.397.2376 if you have any further questions.