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Meet the InRoads LIVE Team

Group of young employees smiling and holding their hands in the air

Now that InRoads LIVE has gone live and members throughout the region have discovered the time-saving benefits at the drive-thru and with the app, it’s time to meet the team behind the innovation.

What the Department Does  
Anytime you use one of the credit union’s drive-thru locations or load the InRoads LIVE app on your smartphone or tablet, you’re greeted by a human being on the other end of the screen. That person is part of the InRoads LIVE team, there to help with your financial needs, from transfers and history overviews, to loan applications and more.

“At first, members had questions about how personal the service would be,” Brittney McCollum, InRoads Universal Service Advisor and team member with InRoads LIVE said when asked about the new service. “But it really is very personal. It’s even more one-on-one and focused than ever before. Now, we don’t see who else is in line. We just focus on the member and take care of their banking needs.”

Most members who use InRoads LIVE at the drive-thru and using a smartphone are face-to-face in seconds and done with what they need in minutes.

“There was a 92-year-old who came through a few weeks back,” Brittney added. “She has seen every kind of banking innovation – and now this. It’s just so easy to use.”

For members who like to come in and chitchat, that hasn’t been lost to innovation either. After all, this is InRoads Credit Union, where members come first.

“Members can still talk one-on-one, even on the app. This place is so family oriented and friendly. When I first came from being at home with my kiddos, I was nervous. But really, I moved from one family to another. InRoads is great, and so is InRoads LIVE.”