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Meet Kris Moore, Real Estate Expert and Credit Union Member

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Families move to our community all the time, and when they do they often start shopping for a home. For Kris Moore, finding the home was the easy part. After all, she’s a real estate professional. However, the home loan turned out to be the tricky part, until she and her husband came to St. Helens Community.

When Kris and her husband moved to Rainier from the coast, they started looking for a home right away.

“We moved from Coos Bay,” Kris said with a smile. “My husband works in the lumber industry and I’m a realtor with RE/MAX Power Pros in Scappoose.”

Moving to a new city is a wonderful adventure, but most lenders aren’t as excited about it. As Kris remembers, the couple had trouble financing their first home in Rainier because she didn’t have enough time on the job.

“We tried our old financial institution and even went to a bank,” she recalled. “Then we went to St. Helens Community Credit Union. They helped us find a way to buy that house. They took chances that the others wouldn’t. That’s why I always tell my real estate clients to go to their credit union. If a credit union like St. Helens Community can help you, they will. I also know that the credit union will help people understand the real costs of owning and financing a home, including the down payment and closing costs.”

Not Enough Room
All was good in the Moore household, until their son and his family (including three kids) moved in with them. What was supposed to be a short stay turned into a two-year journey. While they love their son and grandkids, the 2,000-square foot home seemed to get smaller and smaller every day.

“We decided to buy a second home in Clatskanie,” Kris said. “We went to the credit union for financing. They were able to do it.”

Getting More from Their Membership
For Kris and her family, membership at St. Helens Community has been a huge advantage.

“If you’re having difficulty, they can work with you. I like that you get to know the people who work there and you can talk to a real person instead of some nameless, big-bank or corporation. They go the extra mile every time.”

Today, the Moore family is enjoying life at both addresses, watching their grandkids grow up at one, and enjoying some quiet time at their smaller home on the way to the coast.