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InRoads Insurance Options Available Through TruStage

InRoads Insurance Options Available Through TruStage

Insurance. None of us like the sound of that word—and who can blame us? For most of us, “insurance” has a connotation that’s practically abysmal. After all, not only is insurance a thing we’ll only ever have need of after a catastrophe of some sort, many of us have had terrible experiences with wrangling our insurance providers to get our duly owed compensation.

Fortunately, InRoads customers have a better option: working with an excellent, trusted partner insurance company that’s been doing this for decades. Let’s examine why TruStage is InRoads’ insurance partner of choice and some of the options they offer to the InRoads family.

Why Choose TruStage?

At InRoads Credit Union, we have a set of values that we hold dear—things like building a community, earning the trust of our members, and delivering excellent service to the counties and towns that we’ve served for over eight decades.

TruStage, as an insurer, pairs with our values very nicely. Like InRoads, TruStage traces its roots back to the 1930s, when CUNA Mutual Insurance was first formed to help the average American family afford things like life insurance, which had previously only been available to wealthy families. (CUNA even originally stood for “Credit Union National Association”—so credit unions have been in the TruStage blood since the beginning!)

TruStage understands credit unions and the needs of the communities they serve and offers high-quality service to credit union customers at the affordable prices you’ve come to expect for an organization with our values. InRoads is proud to be a partner with TruStage Insurance. Let’s look at some of the services they offer InRoads customers.

Car, Homeowner, Condo, and Renter Insurance

When most people think of insurance, this is likely the first category that comes to mind. TruStage offers access to top-class insurance for automobiles, homes, and rentals.

Car Insurance

Did a storm blow a tree over onto the roof of your Camaro? Did a new driver rear-end you at a stop light? In the United States, there are about 16,000 car accidents every day. Even if you’re the world’s safest driver, having good car insurance is a no-brainer. If you’re taking out a car loan, you may need to have an insurance policy to cover the value. Furthermore, most states—excepting Virginia, New Hampshire, and Mississippi—require liability insurance for every vehicle; consequently, it’s not just nice to have, it’s a legal necessity.

Homeowner’s Insurance

Similar to automobiles, if your home has a mortgage, it’s very common that your lender will require some level of homeowner’s insurance on the property; unlike car insurance, however, this is typically not required by law. Still, foregoing home insurance entirely is a major gamble. Not only do accidents happen and you could lose your biggest lifetime investment to fire or lightning, as well as many valued possessions therein, but homeowner’s insurance will also protect you from liability in case anyone is hurt on your property.

Your home is likely the biggest purchase you’ll ever make in your life, so you should protect it. This holds true whether you own a house or a condo.

Renter’s Insurance

Again, not something typically required by law, renter’s insurance may still be required by a landlord or property management company. Even if your rental management doesn’t require renter’s insurance, it’s typically cheap and helps reimburse you for loss of personal possessions, as well as shields you from liability.

Life Insurance

With thousands of car crashes every day, there’s a pretty good chance that at least once in your life you’ll be glad you have car insurance. However, there’s one thing that every person reading this is guaranteed to encounter in their life—its end.

This tends to be one of the types of insurance most people are least comfortable discussing, and with good reason! Like writing up a will, getting life insurance is a reminder of our mortality, and nobody likes thinking about that. But that doesn’t mean it’s something that can be put off either. Life insurance tends to be very cheap—mere dollars per month—and it’s something that you’ll be very glad to have if, or when, you need it.

Your reason for obtaining insurance might be to help provide for a family who has relied on you as breadwinner, or even just to help absorb funereal costs so that grieving relatives aren’t suddenly saddled with a multi-thousand-dollar bill on top of their mourning. Either way, life insurance is a way to help you rest easy knowing your family will be provided for after you’re gone.

There are two primary types of life insurance: whole and term.

Term Life Insurance

This is effectively temporary life insurance over a set amount of time (a term). For instance, if you’re about to go off to work at a high-risk occupation, like lumberjacking, for a set time, you can purchase term life insurance and cover yourself affordably for the duration. However, if you were to die even a day after the term expired, even a great insurance company wouldn’t pay a dime.

Whole Life Insurance

As the name suggests, this is insurance you can’t outlive. It will cover you for the rest of your life, often at a locked-in rate. This is what most people tend to think of when they think “life insurance.”

Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance

What happens if a car accident doesn’t kill you but instead leaves you unable to walk for the rest of your life? Insurance can help you pay for medical costs, as well as any lack of work that may result as a result of the accident.

Also called AD&D insurance, this can protect you or your family in the event that a serious accident occurs. This is typically a supplement to a life insurance policy. TruStage AD&D insurance won’t turn down any credit union member over the age of 18 seeking AD&D insurance and will never cancel your coverage.

At InRoads Credit Union, we’re very grateful for the community that supports us and want to support it in turn, which is why we’re pleased to offer these insurance options through our trusted partner, TruStage. If you’re interested in learning more about InRoads insurance options, contact us today to learn more.