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6 Ways to Save Money When Decorating Your Home for the Holidays

Little African American girl decorating Christmas tree at home

The holidays have a way of stretching even the most solid family budget. We’ve put together some money-saving, simple decorating tips that you and the kids (or other adults) will love.

Hang your holiday cards: Using double-sided tape, attach each holiday card you receive to a wall, door frame, or coat closet door. Throughout the holidays, that spot will get more and more festive. Be sure to save this year’s cards and use them as a jumpstart for your decorations next year.

Wrap your photos and art: Instead of taking artwork off the walls and hanging holiday images or expensive handmade items, wrap those frames and other wall hangings in gift wrap. Add a ribbon and/or bow to each one. When the season is over, simply unwrap each frame and rehang it in the same spot.

Use ornaments as decorations: Ornaments aren’t just for trees and garland. Use round ball ornament to fill bowls or vases around the house. If an ornament can stand on its own, place it on a windowsill or kitchen counter. To hang ornaments for everyone to see, push two thumbtacks into a wall about three feet apart and then tie a piece of fishing line, thread, or tinsel between them. If you have more ornaments, add additional lines.

Make your own wreath: This one can save you a lot of money. Using pinecones, greenery from your Christmas tree, and some ornaments, you can make a fun and festive wreath. To start, create a wire circle using an old hanger. Then, tie or attach the greenery and other items using craft wiring or clear zip ties. You can even make it personalized by adding family photos or knickknacks.

Create ornament bowls: Convert your fruit bowls into holiday decorations. All you need to add are small branches from your Christmas tree, some round ornaments, and other festive items.

Turn any jar or glass vase into a holiday work of art: If you have a large jar or clear-glass vase, simply fill it with ornaments, pinecones, tinsel, and other holiday decorations.