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Cash IN on Your Home Equity

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When it’s time to Cash IN on your equity, the team at InRoads is here to help. That includes some advice on how to put your home equity to good use.

Fix Up the Outside: Just a small change to your yard, front door, or garage door can add curbside appeal and boost the value of your home. Adding a deck or patio is another option that you’ll enjoy now and when you eventually go to sell your home.

Give Your Kitchen an Update: You don’t have to do a complete remodel to get more from your kitchen and increase the value of your home. Things to consider include new appliances, painting the cabinets (instead of replacing them), replacing old countertops, and adding storage systems to drawers and cabinets.

Spruce Up the Bath: Give it a new coat of paint, mirror, and artwork. The simple touches will give it new life and appeal to potential buyers in the future.

Light the Way: Replace all of the ceiling and wall light fixtures in your home. You’ll be amazed at how up-to-date your house can feel with this simple update. Don’t forget about the outside lights too.

Replace Windows: If there’s condensation in any of your windows, or they just aren’t opening and closing like they used to, replacing them can help reduce energy costs and give your home a nice, new feel.

Paint Every Wall: Give your home a fresh coat of paint in every room (especially hallways and common rooms). Remember to choose neutral paint colors so that your choices add value to the home instead of detracting.

Ready to Use Your Equity? Contact us via the InRoads LIVE app, visit inroadscu.org/cash-in or call 503.397.2376 and we’ll help you get the most from your home’s equity.