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A Note from Brooke

Changes are coming to your credit union. I want to share some exciting news that will mark an important milestone in our credit union’s 80-year history. St. Helens Community Credit Union will soon have a new name. Rest assured, the new name will reflect our entire field of membership and our uniqueness as a financial institution. While the new name will be announced in October, I wanted to fill you in on some details today.

The decision to rename the credit union came out of a Strategic Planning session with your credit union’s Board of Directors and management team to ensure the credit union’s continued growth and success. To ensure we were moving in the right direction, as part of this process we sought the opinions and insights of members and potential members alike. We asked them to describe areas where we excel and how we could do better. What we learned in our research helped influence the new name that will be announced later this year.

I want to assure you that your credit union’s dedicated staff, friendly service, and our commitment to you will remain the same. As always, we appreciate your loyalty and help in making your credit union what it is today. We look forward to our shared and continued success building a strong, thriving and innovative credit union for generations to come.

Click here for answers to questions you may have about this upcoming change. If you have additional questions, please stop by any branch or call 503.397.2376. We always look forward to hearing from you and value your opinions.

Brooke Van Vleet